We’ve received a number of investment proposal over the last couple of weeks and by and large these have been well presented and, on face value, attractive propositions. Generally they’ve outlined a process requesting that we deposit our money in a months time. So here’s the thing, we don’t do arranged marriages and we don’t invest quickly. We like to date, we like to get to know the team, debate strategy and observe how the team performs over an extended period of time. You should equally test us through this process. ¬†We’re active investors and we expect to be in an investment relationship for three to seven years – depending on the strategy. So for us how the relationship works is just as important as the overall opportunity. There will be good times and hard times and we need to test each other before we invest.
So here’s the trick, if you’re thinking about raising money and you have a business that might fit our profile, drop us a line and we can start the conversation. We will do our best to tell you as early as possible whether we’re likely to invest or what you need to do to convince us.
Take care and keep the opportunities coming.