We are “industry agnostic”. Check out our existing portfolio companies. We have experience in hardware, software, and many different sectors!

Absolutely! We reckon it’s useful for you and us. Our investment style is one of partnership. A partnership that’s built on a foundation of experience and capability, healthy debate, mutual respect, trust and ambition. It takes time to form this partnership, which means we like to spend time getting to know you before we make a long-term commitment – the sooner we get to know each other, the better.

While we might not be able to invest at this stage, we may know other investors who can and, when appropriate, are happy to introduce you to who we think might be interested.

For all of our pre-Series A investments, we prefer to co-lead investments with other investors. We think this also works well for founders, because it enables them to get to know multiple investors and what they bring to the table. For Series A onwards we typically prefer to lead the round.

The relationship struck between founder and investor is critical to long-term success. The best way to reach us is therefore through a trusted introduction. This might be through other founders we’ve invested in, or other investors we’ve invested with. We are always keen to meet new founders – come and find us at Office Hours or events.

We also have a contact form on our website in case you need it. We recommend reading all of the information on our website before reaching out.

We rarely sign NDAs. And that shouldn’t worry you! This is common practice by professional venture and growth investors. Brad Feld does an excellent job explaining why this is the case here.

For our Pre-Series A investments it is unlikely we will take a board seat – in most cases, companies of this stage don’t actually need a board. For later rounds we will. We are highly committed investors who want to work with you to scale and grow your business. If you’re just looking for passive money we’re not the investor for you!