Programs crafted to help kiwi companies become global leaders.


The hyper-growth execution club for operators.

Unleash with the best in your field. Core curriculum workshops and peer to peer sessions led by our Operating Partners and globally sourced leaders.

Movac Portfolio companies have automatic access to our operator clubs. We sponsor an additional five individuals to join the Club each year on a rolling basis.


We gather CEOs, the Movac team and select leaders for a remote camp annually. Each has a theme and is purposed with feeding the CEO > team > business flywheel. This year’s theme is “the soft stuff is the tough stuff”.

Movac ‘The Execution’ Bootcamp

The rubber is hitting the road in 2022. This festival is designed to give CEOs and operators practical steps to raise intensity, increase quality and lead with velocity.

Underrpresented Founder Office Hours

Grab a 20-minute slot with a member of our investment team. Get the inside scoop on how we assess opportunities, and discuss anything from your go to market to capital strategy. We are happy for you to use this session to pitch your business, but make sure you read about our fund and the FAQs on what we are looking for first.


If you are a senior leader in tech and looking for a role in a top Kiwi start-up, drop your details over to us and we will put them in front of our portfolio hiring teams.



Movac portfolio companies have access to our Movac Playbooks like ‘Hiring Technical Talent’, operator club recordings and partner perks.

Diversity of thought in governance

We are working with OnBoard to build a pipeline of tomorrow’s start-up directors. This program is for tech operators searching for a way to begin their governance journey and Directors wanting to increase the diversity of thought in the boardroom.