WelcomeMovac-Stacked-72 to the new Movac website!  After a ‘rebrand by stealth’ last year, we thought it was time we updated our online presence.  The new site provides more information about what we’re about, what we look for in the companies we invest in and the investments we’ve made.  Like always, we’re keen to hear from you with any feedback or additional information you would like to see from us.
We think the new logo reflects where we’ve come from and where we’re going.  Where we’ve come from – there’s a bit of pixelation in there, a bit of Tetris and Brick-out for those from the Space Invaders generation.  Where we’re going – the stair case reflects the way we like to work with companies, giving them a hand up and helping with the heavy lifting.  And for good measure there’s an “M” in there, if you tip it on the side.
We’re aiming to increase the frequency of blog posts, so if you know anyone that would be interested in following, do make sure you share this link and get them to subscribe!
Movac is also now on Twitter, and you can find us at @movac_vc