While we are committed to being Series A (and beyond) investors, we often find that our best investments are ones that we’ve tracked for a while.  We love meeting innovative young Kiwi companies, following their progress, helping (if we can) along the way, and then hopefully being in a position to invest when they are looking to raise a Series A round.
We’re always trying our best to meet with companies that are too early for us to invest in now, and regularly attend events like Demo Days.  However, we felt that we could do better at reaching out to the flourishing shared working spaces that house many of these early stage companies.  We’re big supporters of such shared spaces, currently sponsoring the Kiwi Landing Pad in San Francisco and know that many exciting companies reside there.
With the help of BizDojo Wellington and GridAKL, Movac is presenting three Q&A sessions in Wellington and Auckland. The aim of the three sessions is for companies (both residents and anyone else interested) to meet us us, ask any burning questions they may have about the VC fundraising process (more generally), and have the opportunity to pitch their companies/ideas (no matter what stage) and get feedback from us.
If you are keen to head along (or know anyone that might be) the session times are below.
Wellington Sessions at BizDojo, Tory Street (12.00pm)
Wednesday 16 March
Wednesday 4 May
Wednesday 8 June
The link to the first Wellington session is here.
Auckland Sessions at GridAKL, Wynyard Quarter (12.30pm)
Wednesday 23 March
Wednesday 25 May
Wednesday 22 June
The link to the first Auckland session is here.
We’re excited about meeting new companies, putting faces to names, and engaging with the community!