Recently I picked up a book with the unlikely title – ‘Kauffman Thought book 2007’ intending only a quick and probably dismissive browse through the table of contents I discovered a chapter entitled Kauffman eVenturing.  Again a quick browse revealed that this chapter was effectively an advertisement for a website offering resources for entrepreneurs (  Not just any resource either, proud boasts like “…it aggregates the best of the best content on the web…” and the rare beast “…original articles” abound.
I decided that a quick check would not be too terrible a waste of my time and click i did.
Given the tone of my missive to now, you have probably guessed that my angle of approach was less than open minded.  I fully expected to encounter the same old re-hashed articles by the same names with afixed dates that might be more at home within a religous context.
Guilty as charged and I stand before you ashamed and now a changed man.
I absolutely and without reservation recommend this resource to all entrepreneurs – whether experienced or wet eared.  Stuff I loved:

  • easy to access categories that make sense
  • bite sized articles that you can read in one sitting
  • well written, well researched
  • who’s who of entrepreneurial authors