Movac Podcast Series

Jason Graham – When is your business ready for Series A Funding? [EP #02]

27 August 2019

Duration: 07:30

Jason Graham

The second podcast of our Movac Podcast Series, our Investment Director Jason Graham discusses Series A Funding. What is it? When is your business ready for a Series A funding round? With experience from Seed to Series E & F, Jason introduces Movac’s key ingredients for your company’s next funding round.

Phil McCaw – What drives Movac & founding partner Phil McCaw [EP #01]

31 July 2019

Duration: 16:59

Phil McCaw

In the first of Movac’s Podcast Series, we chat with Phil McCaw, Movac’s founding partner at Wellington’s waterfront, to talk about all things Movac and how we got into the NZ Tech business.