Tom McKaskill is a very successful business entrepreneur and well known and respected author on the subject of building businesses for exits.  I’ve known Tom for a couple of years now and enjoyed his significant insights on the subject of Angel Investing and exit planning.  Tom has written several books which are all excellent essential reads for entrepreneurs and investors alike.  I’d strongly recommend that you take a look at them.  The two he’s making available free of charge are!

  1. The Investor Pitch – see; and
  2. Invest to Exit – A pragmatic strategy for Angel and Venture Capital Investors.  Investors in early stage ventures need to focus on strategic exits if they are to achieve a high return on their investments. This book explains the characteristics of strategic value, how the investor should negotiate the investment and how they should manage the process to a strategic trade sale. The book includes a very detailed discussion on the problems of high growth ventures, the unrealistic expectations associated with IPOs and the advantages of investing in strategic value ventures. See or or