Jenene Freer, Movac Investments and NZ Girl shareholders inject $1,25 million into new venture aimed at stimulating the online advertising market and making it more effective to reach and engage with Kiwi women.
Auckland, New Zealand: Wednesday, 6 August, 2008: One of New Zealand’s most successful online entrepreneurs, nzgirl founder Jenene Freer, today formally announced the arrival of her biggest, boldest venture yet – (launching 4th September 2008).
The new initiative is based around a female centric network of sites and is backed by leading angel investors Movac (the original backers of TradeMe) and the founding investors of NZ Girl.
Gaining the support of such high profile backers was no mean feat, as Phil McCaw of Movac explains, “Jenene and her team had to force us to change our view of advertising as a business model, and she did. This is especially impressive when you consider that we accept less than one percent of the proposals we receive; Flossie is a great investment opportunity”.
“Our new business model has been inspired by the successful ‘masthead networks‘ that have appeared overseas in the last few years and are now beginning to pull in significant revenues. The intention is that within 12 months of launching this model in New Zealand, Flossie will become the single biggest media channel to reach women, irrespective of their age or demographic, throughout
the country,” says Jenene Freer.
“The Flossie network draws its strength from New Zealand’s most popular female-centric websites; of which there are 17 sites in the network at launch including,, and These sites, combined with exclusive Flossie articles and the best daily content, will mean that when women come to Flossie they’ll find what they’re looking for easily,” she adds.
McCaw says Freer’s undisputed drive, determination and entrepreneurial flair combined with a clear vision for international growth were key components in the decision to back Flossie Media Group.
“With investments such as this, it’s always about talent, and it’s sometimes about timing. The online trends we have observed in other markets around the world suggest Flossie Media Group is now
perfectly placed to establish its position as the most powerful means for advertisers to connect with women across Asia and the Pacific,” he adds.