We have crafted a set of programs purposed with helping Kiwi companies become global leaders. This includes four clubs, each centered around a functional area; the Movac Engineering, Customer Success, Product and Sales & Marketing Chapters. Each Chapter is led by a Movac Operating Partner (Serge Van Dam in this case), features globally sourced leaders, and includes plenty of opportunity for peer-peer learning.

The line-up:

Workshop #1: A crash course in PR – Sian Church and the team at Sling & Stone

The Chapter is off to a high-energy start. Earlier in the year we learned about what makes a good story, how PR works, breaking down a story for media and understanding your audience.

Primer #1 – Finding Product Channel Fit – Paul Zaruchchevsky

Agenda: Paul will explain the concept of ‘product-channel fit’ at a strategic level, and then cover the process and frameworks needed to succeed on the journey of finding channels that help companies grow.

Timing: July 28, 9-10.30am, online.

Primer #2 – Scaling your Growth Marketing – Ryan McMillan

Agenda: A step-by-step guide on scaling your growth marketing. In this session, Ryan will cover two key pillars of inbound marketing, and provide a framework (templates included) to: validate your messaging, scale across different acquisition channels and maximise low testing budgets.

Timing: 17 August, 8.30-10am, online.

Workshop #2 – Beyond Founder Led Sales – Matt Cameron 

Agenda:  This highly practical day-long workshop will focus on (1) Building the first sales function. Including practical ‘how to’ on building the sales operating budget, who to hire and when, compensation plans, training/enabling the sales function, managing the sales function, and retention. (2) Repeatable and Scalable: the sales manager and team. Covering performance inspection, operating rhythm, and route to market.

Timing:  28 September, full-day, in person, Auckland.

Workshop #3 – Becoming a US Sales Animal – Matt Cameron 

Agenda:  This workshop will cover: When to set up in the US, building the US sales organisation, and the ‘how to’ on local selling (account intelligence for the U.S, rapid-fire research for the U.S., account strategy, powerbase selling, account mapping, executive outreach, progression vs continuation meetings, call plans that drive movement, powerful discovery, signals: buying/rejecting/closing, 6 key closing questions).

Timing:  29 September, full-day, in person, Auckland.

We are excited to be working with other local investors, such as Punakaiki, GD1 and Hillfarance to deliver the Matt Cameron sales workshops!

Primer #3 – C is for Content – Sarah Berkowski and Serge van Dam 

Agenda: An introduction to how to create, scale and exploit your content machine to grow faster.

Timing: 20 October, 11-12.30pm, online.

Workshop #4 – Creating a Category: Inventing, Winning and Protecting your Market – Serge van Dam 

Agenda:  All tech companies create a product. The best companies create a category. In this workshop, we will cover:

  • Why attending to ‘category creation’ is the most valuable and enduring strategy
  • How to incorporate category creation into your business plan
  • How to activate your tribe – customers, partners and employees alike – in your mission
  • Designing marketing and growth interventions that deliver outsized impact
  • Create a defensible moat for your company.

Timing: 3 November, morning half-day, in-person, Auckland.


If you are a Sales & Marketing leader in tech and want to unleash with the best, get in touch! [email protected]