Have you ever wondered how venture and growth capital investors come to the decision on whether to invest or not? Why do they get hung up on certain data and metrics? Why do they always want to meet the team? Why does it sometimes seem to take an eternity for them to make a decision? Maybe you’ve wondered if the questions you ask as an investor are the right ones and similar to what other investors ask?
In our ongoing attempts to break down the barriers between investors and entrepreneurs, we want to give the Kiwi tech community a chance to go behind the scenes with Movac and take part in a day in the life of a professional investor (or, in reality, what two-three months of work looks like summarised in an hour!). We’ll walk attendees through our usual progress of the investment decision process, using a hypothetical entrepreneur and high-growth Kiwi tech company. This will show you what we’d expect to see at her initial pitch, right through to the terms she should expect when negotiating legal documents.
For growth companies, this is your chance to see why we ask for certain information, the analysis we produce internally, and get a heads up about the process to help put yourself in the best position possible to effectively raise a Series A or B round.
For other investors, this is an opportunity to see how your due diligence process compares to ours, and if it asks the right questions (or at least the ones that we do!)
There will be ample time for questions and discussion throughout the event, too.
As part of Movac’s commitment to assist the New Zealand technology community, all proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Young Enterprise Scheme, to help them continue the great work they do to empower Kiwi students for enterprise.
Tickets are on sale (and selling out fast!) for Monday 8 May in Auckland, Wednesday 10 May in Christchurch, and Thursday 11 May in Wellington.