The Innovators Mind

Mohan Nair, CEO, Investor, Founder and Edmund Hillary Fellow

Join Movac’s conversation with Mohan Nair. Mohan was the Chief Innovation Officer for Cambia Health, a non-profit healthcare company in the US, for 17 years. Across his tenure the company grew to over 5000 employees, invested in 20 new companies and was recognized in 2018-2021 as one of the world’s most ethical and values driven companies. As Chief Innovation Officer, Mohan has spent his career thinking about the mindset that drives innovation. He is author of the book “Strategic Business Transformation” (Wiley 2011) and has extended his drive for innovation beyond healthcare into a general theory that applies to many business verticals.

As well as his prior role for Cambia Health, Mohan is also on the Forbes Technology Council,  a lecturer at the University of Oregon and an Edmund Hillary Fellow.

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Keeping it Simple

Jason Fried, Co-founder & CEO, Basecamp

Join to listen to our conversation with Jason Fried. Jason was the founder of Basecamp, a suit of productivity tools first launched in 2005 which famously created and spun out the Ruby on Rails framework as an open source project. For this work Jason was included in MIT Technology Review‘s TR35 honoring technologists and scientists under the age of 35 for their ground-breaking inventions and research. Jason has spent his career thinking about collaboration, productivity and the nature of work. He will discuss how Kiwi businesses can win through working smarter and simpler and also how we can embrace remote working to deepen our talent pool.

As well as launching Basecamp, Jason is the author of a New York Time best selling book called “Rework” and write a monthly column for Inc Magazine on technology called “Getting Real”.  He currently resides in Chicago but is an Edmund Hillary Fellow.

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Lessons along the way

Kevin Rose, Partner, True Ventures

Join to listen to Movac’s conversation with Kevin Rose.

Kevin Rose is a partner at True and a serial entrepreneur best known for founding Digg and Revision3. In addition to serving on the boards of True portfolio companies, Kevin is on the advisory boards of the Tony Hawk Foundation and Harlan Estate. Prior to joining True Ventures, he was a general partner at Google Ventures.

He has been featured on the cover of Inc. Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, and RedHerring, in addition to others. Kevin was named in “Top 25 Angel Investors” by Bloomberg, “Top 25 Web Celebrities” by Forbes, “Top 35 Innovators” by MIT, and “Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web” by Time and Businessweek magazines. He has also appeared on ABC Nightline News, The Jimmy Fallon Show, and the Charlie Rose show.

Kevin interviews experts of all types to learn how to reach peak personal and professional performance while living a minimal and balanced life for his podcast, The Kevin Rose Show.

He also launched Foundation by True Ventures, a podcast where he and the True team interview world-class entrepreneurs, builders, and investors to tease out practical knowledge founders can use to improve their business and professional life.  He currently resides in Portland Oregon but is active as an Edmund Hillary Fellow.

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