Power By ProxiAUSTIN, Texas, February 2015 – PowerbyProxi, developer of the world’s most advanced and safest wireless power systems, today announced further progress towards widespread deployment of resonant wireless power technologies, with the release of its latest evaluation kit for charging of consumer electronic devices.
Built on the Wireless Power Consortium’s (WPC) new Resonant Qi Specification – of which PowerbyProxi was a major contributor, the evaluation kit is designed to help OEMs, ODMs and semiconductor manufacturers bring wireless power with multi-device charging, spatial freedom, excellent power efficiency and fast charging, to their upcoming products.

“The Wireless Power Consortium made the approved draft of the Resonant Qi Specification available to members at its recent meeting in Auckland, New Zealand.  PowerbyProxi was pleased to host the meeting for the second year and has contributed a significant amount of its technology, intellectual property and expertise to deliver a highly efficient, backwards- compatible, resonant wireless charging system. We now have the world’s first resonant system compatible with the world’s most widely deployed wireless power standard”

said Fady Mishriki, co-founder, EVP and Chief Tesla Officer at PowerbyProxi.
PowerbyProxi’s evaluation kit has been pre-certified by an approved independent test laboratory for backwards-compatibility with products equipped with Qi v1.1. Today, there are 682 certified Qi product types available around the world. The advancement includes safety features such as foreign object detection, even with multi-device systems, as well as an industry leading 70%+ total system efficiency for a fast and effective charge. PowerbyProxi’s new evaluation kit is a single design which supports both Resonant Qi and Inductive Qi modes providing a seamless path forward for the growing number of OEMs who are integrating the WPC’s Qi standard into their smartphones and other devices.

“PowerbyProxi has made considerable contributions to the WPC’s Resonant Qi Specification and has been a driving force for resonance within the group” said Menno Treffers, Chairman, Wireless Power Consortium. “With our resonant specification’s latest milestone, our members can now begin to design resonant products with confidence, and plan to leverage the rapidly growing Qi installed base.”

PowerbyProxi will demonstrate its evaluation kit at the upcoming Mobile World Congress event, March 2-5, in Barcelona, Spain, within the Wireless Power Consortium booth (Booth 5C41 Hall 5). Evaluation kits are now available to licensees and qualified OEMs, ODMs and semiconductor manufacturers.

“The recent comments from Samsung about how advances in wireless charging over the past few years have made the technology much faster, more efficient and easier to integrate into devices are further proof that the industry is at a tipping point,” said Greg Cross, co-founder and CEO, PowerbyProxi. “We eagerly await the launch of the next Galaxy smartphone given Samsung’s confirmation that wireless charging will be key to its design.”