Movac is pleased to report that the Telecom Foundation has agreed to acquire  Givealittle was founded by Nathalie Hofsteede, with some help from Movac, in 2008 with the goal of encouraging and promoting every day philanthropic giving in New Zealand.
Dion Mortensen, Movac Partner, and out-going Givealittle Chair, says:

We’re thrilled that the Telecom Foundation is picking up the baton for Givealittle.  Their focus and commitment on encouraging generosity make them a perfect steward for the next phase in the Givealittle cause.

Givealittle was one of the earliest attempts at a digital social enterprise and crowd funding platform in New Zealand and its been influential in lowering the cost of fundraising in New Zealand.

We took a bet on Nathalie and take great pride in what she has achieved as a young kiwi entrepreneur.

You can see Nathalie talk about Givealittle here.
The media release from the Telecom Foundation follows.

Telecom Foundation revolutionises online fundraising with zero fees for all kiwis a gift to Kiwi communities
The Telecom Foundation is proud to announce its purchase of Kiwi philanthropy start-up
Marking the change in ownership, the Foundation is turning the online platform into New Zealand’s first zero fees fundraising service, permanently removing the 5% administration charge as part of the deal.
In less than four years, has supplanted the traditional door knock or office kitchen fundraising effort raising over 2 million in donations for a variety of kiwi causes.
From significant events such as the Christchurch earthquake and the Tsunami in Samoa to the more offbeat challenges such as Racing across Mongolia on horseback and living in a Snow Cave and providing tools for funding medical treatments and bucket lists; has delivered New Zealanders a platform to raise money online in a safe environment for any cause they feel passionate about – from the traditional to the sometimes controversial.
The online platform taps into a growing consumer appetite for crowdfunding internationally – where people are directly engaging with, and making an impact on, causes through peer-2-peer philanthropy and social media.
The Telecom Foundation is committed to Givealittle, wanting it to become New Zealand’s preeminent online fundraising tool which offers a range of innovative ways for individuals, schools and charities to reach a wider audience and get the donations where they are needed.
Bob Harvey, Chair of the Telecom Foundation, says it is a proud day for the Foundation, which was established in July 2011 to encourage generosity and build a better future for Kiwi kids.
Bob Harvey QSO, Chair of the Telecom Foundation, says:

“We’re really excited that 100 per cent of every dollar donated on the site will now get through to the causes, thanks to an ongoing commitment from Telecom to fund its administration.
“ is the Telecom Foundation’s product to encourage and facilitate generosity in New Zealand.  Under Telecom Foundation’s stewardship, we believe Givealittle has the potential to be the Trade Me of online fundraising.
“When it comes to charity, New Zealanders have shown themselves to be some of the most generous people in the world. We want to harness that generosity and make it easy for people to raise funds for the causes in which they believe, in an open and transparent forum.”

Telecom CEO and Telecom Foundation Board member Simon Moutter, says:

“I’m excited Telecom is able to apply its technical expertise to offer a permanent and sustainable solution for New Zealanders to connect with causes.  This is a welcome addition to Telecom’s sustainability agenda that will have real, tangible outcomes for Kiwi communities.”

The entry into online fundraising for all New Zealanders represents an extension of the Telecom Foundation’s core principle of encouraging generosity.  Until now, the Foundation has focused its encouragement internally, having in its suite of offerings for Telecom employees  New Zealand’s flagship payroll giving programme, which achieved over 15% engagement in its first year.