1_createOK, a shameless plug here; if you have kids, grandchildren, nieces or nephews get them to download the latest Minimonos iOS App and let me know what you think!  Search for MonkeyMe in the App Store.

Wellington, April 4th 2013: Minimonos have broken into the mobile games space with an iOS Exclusive. MonkeyMe is the first in a series of apps the Kiwi developer has scheduled for 2013. Developed in-house at our Wellington studio, MonkeyMe offers both kids and adults hours of great, clean, fun.

Players get creative, dressing up a Monkey in awesome outfits using various costumes, props, and backgrounds. There are endless monkey combinations to be created, from pirate monkeys with surfer-blonde hair and eyepatch, to disco monkeys sporting shocking red afros and mirror sunglasses!

Once created, the real fun begins! Dressed-up monkeys can be submitted to the daily MonkeyMe competition. Players review the gallery of monkey submissions, voting on each other’s creations (check out the boy-friendly sound effects).

Every monkey entered into the competition receives some monkey coins for taking part. We also reward players for taking part in the voting. No one walks away empty-handed in MonkeyMe.

MonkeyMe is free to play, with players earning Monkey Coins by participating in daily competitions. Monkey coins are used in the app shop to unlock awesome new wardrobe items and background items. Parents who want to prohibit in app purchases may do so.

Melissa Clark-Reynolds, London based Kiwi entrepreneur and CEO of MiniMonos, describes their latest game as “the perfect dress-up app for girls who want to be Ninjas sometimes, and not just Princesses. We have also learnt a lot from our million-plus players.  It will come as no surprise to mothers to discover that boys like to dress up and show off.  We know boys will love this app as much as the girls. MonkeyMe offers kids good clean fun.”

“We have also been really well supported by the NZ Angel community.  It is great to be able to show them what clever kiwis can do on a world stage if we have some backing.  Our NZ-based art and development team have proven they can cut it anywhere. It proves it is possible to create quality weightless exports from New Zealand and take them to the world.”

Melissa was recently named by Forbes as one of Ten Women Tech Entrepreneurs to watch in London (http://www.forbes.com/sites/women2/2012/10/12/10-london-based-women-entrepreneurs-to-watch/).

With kid friendly artwork and animations, MonkeyMe provides a creative experience that is very VERY hard to put down!