WELLINGTON, New Zealand – May 26, 2011 – GreenButton, an InterGrid Limited business, announced this week that it has signed Windows Azure alliance agreement with Microsoft at Redmond, Washington. This formalizes a strategic partnership that will see GreenButton’s cloud enabling technology promoted worldwide through Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform.
“The alliance represents a unique opportunity for GreenButton” quotes Chairman of the GreenButton Board, Marcel van den Assum “and it again demonstrates that New Zealand does perform on the world stage”.
GreenButton’s patented technology, and collaborative business model, helps major software players enter the cloud faster than they would if they progressed on their own. Moving to the cloud is clearly on the roadmap of many software companies, yet they are struggling how to enter the cloud without cannibalizing existing revenues, or without major investment to rewrite their applications.
GreenButton’s plugin technology cleverly offloads compute and data intensive tasks from the application and distributes that to the Windows Azure cloud. Reinforcing this message, Forrester placed GreenButton on their “Top Ten picks for Cloud Prediction 2011”, quoting James Staten “…the ISVs lining up behind GreenButton are showing the way, and they’ll do it because it expands — not threatens — their market. “ GreenButton is well placed in a market predicted by Forrester to be worth $40.7 billion this year, with projection’s reaching as high at $241 billion in 2020.
GreenButton has earned its stripes in the Digital Media industry, have a number of GreenButton enabled applications being used by customers all over the world, and is currently in proof-of-concept phase with several leading software companies. With the support of Microsoft, GreenButton can now accelerate their expansion into other lucrative industries such as biotech, engineering, financial services and oil & gas, where the power of the cloud is highly desired.
“With GreenButton, companies have access to on-demand high performance computing resources without the burden of costly hardware and management costs,” said Doug Hauger, General Manager of Window Azure at Microsoft. “By leveraging the power of the Windows Azure platform, GreenButton is creating a unique solution that can be easily customized to grow with the needs of its customers across a multitude of verticals and workloads.”
The CEO and Founder of GreenButton, Scott Houston, is ecstatic with the alliance agreement “Securing this alliance with Microsoft allows us to execute the vision I have had for years, and the timing couldn’t be better”