Ed Robinson

Ed is a New Zealand technology entrepreneur, now based in San Francisco USA.

Ed specializes in turning product management into the fuel that drives your business – “without product you have nothing to sell”. This starts with product market fit, developing a scalable business and pricing model, then cementing high-performance development practices as the company grows.

Ed was co-founder and CEO of Wellington-based Aptimize, he grew from idea to acquisition within two years in 2011. In the USA, Ed works with major companies including Microsoft, Riverbed, NGINX and Mulesoft.

His areas of strength include:

1. Enterprise/Business software products
2. Infrastructure, networking and development tools
3. Open source software models
4. USA market entry and business setup

Ed joined the Movac team as an Operating Partner in Funds 3 and 4. He has served on the board of Movac portfolio companies and is enthusiastic about helping New Zealand companies succeed internationally.

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