Develop, produce and market nanofibre and nanofibre products

Revolution Fibres is a nanofibre development and production company that has developed an electrospinning process to create custom-made fibres for use in a wide variety of applications, including filtration, cosmetics and healthcare, textiles, composites, and electronics.

Revolution Fibres offers a range of products: actiVLayr is a skincare product that combines collagen nanofibres with plant extracts; Seta is an air filtration product; Phonix a sound absorption product; Xantu/Layr is a composite reinforcement solution.

Their filter media used in face masks is capable of achieving N97 or greater rating in a finished product. During the Covid-19 crisis, they have been running at full capacity to meet the unprecedented demand.

FounderIain HosieCEORay ConnorIndustryDeep

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