Fueling growth

We invest in high growth potential technology companies that have demonstrable product market fit, have a leadership team in place, and the ambition and potential to scale to $100m+ in revenue.


Product Market Fit

You have proven through revenue traction or strategic partnerships that demand exists for your product(s) and have developed a repeatable model for scaling sales.

Leadership Team

You have the leadership team in place that will drive growth through the next phase. The team will comprise people with experience, enthusiasm and ambition spanning capability in product development, marketing, sales, recruitment, finance and strategy. You may not have all the parts in place but will have the core.

Ambition & Scale

You will have a strategy and business model to either grow sales to in excess of $100m or to build a very high net margin business on a lower level of sales.


You will be able to demonstrate your ability to work hard, at an extreme pace and pivot as and when needed.


While we are “industry agnostic” we have particular specialist capability and international networks concentrated in the following areas.

  • Enterprise SaaS
  • Digital technology
  • Medical technology
  • High tech manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage technology
  • Agri tech


Seed / Angel

We typically do not invest in the seed or angel stage. However, we will occasionally help syndicate exceptional opportunities at this stage and we love to track companies as they grow.

Series A

Your first significant investment round. Typically $1-5m, focused on scaling sales. An ideal entry point for our first investment.

Series B

Your second investment round. Typically $5-10m, focused on accelerating growth.

Series C

Your third investment round. Typically $10m+, invested to significantly scale up and generate significant profits. Alongside our syndication partners we can invest $20m+ in these rounds, where we have a very high level of conviction and proof for the opportunity.

Applying for funding

The relationship struck between founder and investor is critical to long-term success. The best way to reach us is therefore through a trusted introduction, however, we appreciate that this may not always be possible. If you can’t make the right connection please email Jason directly. When you do, make sure your email describes the fit to our criteria and includes a “drop sheet” outlining the investment opportunity.