Angel Association New Zealand Media release 1 July 2008 Angel industry group established Angel investor groups have formed a new industry body – the Angel Association New Zealand – to advocate for and to promote best practice within the fastgrowing investment sector. The association’s members consist of 15 angel groups from around New Zealand. Andy… Read More

Recently I picked up a book with the unlikely title – ‘Kauffman Thought book 2007’ intending only a quick and probably dismissive browse through the table of contents I discovered a chapter entitled Kauffman eVenturing.  Again a quick browse revealed that this chapter was effectively an advertisement for a website offering resources for entrepreneurs (  Not just any resource… Read More

The original TradeMe angel investment company Movac and TradeMe founder Sam Morgan have joined forces again to back ebus, a local film and television production software company that is set to tackle Asia. ebus has developed cutting edge software that allows production teams, creatives  and their clients to access and edit the same piece of… Read More

I’ve had an opportunity to attend a few seminars on the R+D tax credit of late.  It doesn’t look like there’s going to be much love for software companies in this.  The credit is only to apply where something demonstrably novel has been created using a structured research process (NOTE: my interpretation, on what i’ve heard).  What… Read More

At Movac we seek investment opportunities that have the potential to return 30 times (or more) our initial investment over a 5 to 7 year period.  Greedy buggers, i hear you say!  Well the reality is that this simply reflects the level of risk associated with working on start-up businesses.  Internationally its been shown that only… Read More