Are we there yet

I get asked fairly frequently for my thoughts on the New Zealand innovation ecosystem.  Given the big wet across New Zealand this weekend I took the opportunity to try and consolidate them.   My basic conclusion is “we’ve made great progress but we’re not quite there yet”. If we’re not there yet, what’s the destination? … Read More


Introduction This post is the second of three where Movac Fund 4 Operating Partner, Ed Robinson, discusses how VC works, what should you spend VC money on, and if, and how, you should, and can, move your company to the Valley. If there are topics you’d be interesting in hearing more about, let us know… Read More


Introduction Over the last couple months, we’ve been meeting with early stage entrepreneurs and companies as part of the Movac Q&A Sessions held at the BizDojo Wellington and GRIDAKL. The point of these sessions was for us to meet some interesting companies that, whilst may be too early today for Movac Fund 4, would be… Read More

By Catherine Robinson – Director of Kiwi Landing Pad,San Francisco Silicon Valley technology from FitBit to Facebook has made its way into our lives, yet opening the doors to Silicon Valley is still a big unknown for a lot of NZ companies. Where do you start? Is there an information booth where you can schedule… Read More

At Movac we seek investment opportunities that have the potential to return 30 times (or more) our initial investment over a 5 to 7 year period.  Greedy buggers, i hear you say!  Well the reality is that this simply reflects the level of risk associated with working on start-up businesses.  Internationally its been shown that only… Read More